See the supported connectors for Application Integration.

Use Integration Connectors

This document describes the benefits of using Integration Connectors, supported connectors, and the pricing information.


You can build your integrations with out-of-the-box connectors available in Integration Connectors. These connectors let you quickly and securely connect to the Google Cloud services and other business applications from your integrations. To add connectors to your integrations, add a Connectors task.

By using connectors available in Integration Connectors, you get the following benefits:

  • Standardized interfaces
    • Integration Connectors provide standardized interfaces for entities and actions. Entities represents database tables or tables in Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Actions is a first class function such as sending emails, uploading, or downloading files which performs operations specific to the backend. For more information about entities and actions, see Entities operations and actions.
    • Standardized interfaces let you integrate a new backend system with Application Integration in less time, thereby reducing the development time.
    • Integration Connectors also handle API upgrades and maintenance, thereby reducing the cost of maintenance.
  • Security

    Integration Connectors support various authentication types, ensuring secure connections.

  • Schema discovery

    Integration Connectors make it easy to use data by discovering the schema, including columns and data types. Schema discovery facilitates data mapping in Application Integration.

  • Private connectivity

    For backends hosted on-premises or in a private network, Google Cloud Private Service Connect feature can be used to establish secure connectivity. Private Service Connect leverages Google Cloud networking features for standard and advanced network configurations and ensures reliable and secure connectivity.

Supported connectors

For the list of all the supported connectors for Application Integration, see Integration Connectors reference.

Integration Connectors pricing

You will be charged separately for connectors based on your usage. For information, see Integration Connectors pricing.