Extract data through CDS views

This page describes data extraction through core data services (CDS) views when using the SAP ODP plugin in Cloud Data Fusion. A CDS view defines the structure of a SQL view and it applies the structure to one or more database tables or views. The view is part of the ABAP Core Data Services framework, which lets you push down data-intensive logic to the database layer.

Before you begin

To extract data through CDS views, check the following requirements:

  • Cloud Data Fusion is compatible with SAP ODP CDS views in SAP S/4HANA 2021 (​​S4HANA ON PREMISE 2021 Stack - 01 (02/2022) FPS) or later.
  • CDS view must have delta enabled in SAP.

Transport request details and ABAP version

Transport request: DS4K901591

Component Release SP Stack Short description
S4HANA ON PREMISE 2021 01 (02/2022) FPS SAP S/4HANA 2021

Configure the ODP plugin to use CDS views

  1. Follow the steps to set up the SAP ODP plugin.
  2. When you configure the plugin, in the Object Type field, select ABAP Core Data Services.

What's next