Back up and restore instance data

This page describes the backup and recovery APIs for instance data in Cloud Data Fusion.

Supported backup and recovery

You can back up and restore the following types of information using the Cloud Data Fusion REST API.

Recommended: To restore the pipelines, import the pipelines from the Cloud Data Fusion UI, which lets you adjust the version number in the pipeline JSON. Deployment through the API requires a proper JSON adoption.

Types of information Backup API Restore API
Plugins List artifacts
You can get a list of deployed artifacts, but not artifact archives.
Deploy an artifact
Pipelines Export a single pipeline's details
Export all application details
Deploy an application
This API requires application JSON adoption.
Import a pipeline through UI
Compute profiles List profiles Write a profile
Schedules List schedules Add a schedule
Connections List connections Create a connection
Secure keys List all secure keys
Retrieve a secure key
Create a secure key
Preferences Get preferences Set preferences
Pipeline drafts List draft pipelines
Details of a draft pipeline
Create a draft pipeline
Replication job drafts List replication job drafts
Details of a replication job draft
Create a replication job draft

Unsupported backup and recovery

Operational history about runs, such as run records, logs, metrics, or lineage, cannot be restored.