Case manipulation

This section focuses on SDK functions that help manipulate a case's state and data.

Name Siemplify SiemplifyAction Description
close_case N/A close_case Closes the current case with the selected close reason and given comment
add_comment add_comment add_comment Adds a comment to the current case's case wall
close_alert N/A close_alert Closes the current alert with the selected close reason and given comment
raise_incident raise_incident raise_incident Changes the current case into an incident
assign_case assign_case assign_case Assigns the current case to the selected analyst or group
add_entity_to_case add_entity_to_case add_entity_to_case Creates a new entity in the case
add_attachment add_attachment add_attachment Adds attachment to the case.

Case metadata

This section focuses on SDK functions that manipulate case index and help maintain the system. Functions in this section are used to produce better search mechanism, KPIs and filters.


Name Siemplify SiemplifyAction Description
add_tag N/A add_tag Adds a new tag to the current case
change_case_stage N/A change_case_stage Sets the current case's stage to a specific stage
change_case_priority change_case_priority change_case_priority Sets the current case's priority to a specific value
mark_case_as_important mark_case_as_important mark_case_as_important Marks the current case with the 'importance triangle' sign

Data retrieval

Name Siemplify SiemplifyAction Description
get_case_comments get_case_comments get_case_comments Retrieve comments on the case
get_alerts_ticket_ids_from_cases_closed_since_timestamp N/A get_alerts_ticket_ids_from_cases_closed_since_timestamp
get_similar_cases N/A get_similar_cases Retrieve similar cases in the system