Migrate to Bigtable

You can migrate your data to Bigtable from a number of database services. To understand the workloads that are best suited for Bigtable, see the Bigtable overview. The guides listed on this page can help you plan and achieve your migration.

Migrate from HBase

When you migrate from an HBase installation to Bigtable, you can use Google-provided open source migration and validation tools.

Migrate from Cassandra

The following resources are useful if you are an administrator planning a migration from Apache Cassandra to Bigtable.

Migrate from DynamoDB

If you are considering a migration from DynamoDB to Bigtable, read the following guide for a discussion of similarities and differences between the two.

Migrate from Aerospike

If you are planning to migrate from Aeorspike to Bigtable, use the following tutorial to get started.

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