Data Access audit log fields

The following table lists Bigtable Data API message fields and indicates whether or not they are logged as part of Data Access audit logging. AUDITED means the field is included in the audit log entry, AUDIT_SIZE means that the size of the repeated field is used to set the number of response items during audit logging, and Not Audited means the field is not audited.

  1. Displayed in Base 64.
  2. Custom audit field added dynamically during audit logging.
Message Field Logging Status
Cell timestamp_micros Not audited
value Not audited
labels[ ] Not audited
CheckAndMutateRowRequest table_name AUDITED
app_profile_id AUDITED
row_key1 AUDITED
predicate_filter AUDITED
true_mutations[ ] AUDITED
false_mutations[ ] AUDITED
CheckAndMutateRowResponse predicate_matched AUDITED
Column qualifier Not audited
cells[ ] Not audited
ColumnRange family_name AUDITED
start_qualifier_closed AUDITED
start_qualifier_open AUDITED
end_qualifier_closed AUDITED
end_qualifier_open AUDITED
Family name Not audited
columns[ ] Not audited
MutateRowRequest table_name AUDITED
app_profile_id AUDITED
row_key1 AUDITED
mutations[ ] AUDITED
MutateRowResponse Not audited
MutateRowsRequest table_name AUDITED
app_profile_id AUDITED
entries[ ] AUDITED
(A mutation for a given row.)
row_key1 AUDITED
mutations[ ] AUDITED
MutateRowsResponse entries[ ] AUDITED
(The result of applying a passed mutation in the original request.)
status AUDITED
Mutation set_cell AUDITED
delete_from_column AUDITED
delete_from_family AUDITED
delete_from_row AUDITED
DeleteFromColumn family_name AUDITED
column_qualifier Not audited
time_range Not audited
DeleteFromFamily family_name AUDITED
DeleteFromRow Not audited
SetCell family_name AUDITED
column_qualifier Not audited
timestamp_micros Not audited
value Not audited
ReadModifyWriteRowRequest table_name AUDITED
app_profile_id AUDITED
row_key1 AUDITED
rules[ ] AUDITED
ReadModifyWriteRowResponse row Not audited
ReadModifyWriteRule family_name AUDITED
column_qualifier Not audited
append_value Not audited
increment_amount Not audited
ReadRowsRequest table_name AUDITED
app_profile_id AUDITED
filter AUDITED
rows_limit AUDITED
ReadRowsResponse chunks[ ] AUDIT_SIZE
last_scanned_row_key1 Not audited
response_stream_bytes2 AUDITED
CellChunk row_key1 Not audited
family_name Not audited
qualifier Not audited
timestamp_micros Not audited
labels[ ] Not audited
value Not audited
value_size Not audited
reset_row Not audited
commit_row Not audited
Row key Not audited
families[ ] Not audited
RowFilter chain AUDITED
interleave AUDITED
condition AUDITED
pass_all_filter AUDITED
block_all_filter AUDITED
row_key_regex_filter AUDITED
row_sample_filter AUDITED
family_name_regex_filter AUDITED
column_qualifier_regex_filter AUDITED
column_range_filter AUDITED
timestamp_range_filter AUDITED
value_regex_filter AUDITED
value_range_filter AUDITED
cells_per_row_offset_filter AUDITED
cells_per_row_limit_filter AUDITED
cells_per_column_limit_filter AUDITED
strip_value_transformer AUDITED
apply_label_transformer AUDITED
Chain filters[ ] AUDITED
Condition predicate_filter AUDITED
true_filter AUDITED
false_filter AUDITED
Interleave filters[ ] AUDITED
RowRange start_key_closed AUDITED
start_key_open AUDITED
end_key_open AUDITED
end_key_closed AUDITED
RowSet row_keys[ ] AUDITED
row_ranges[ ] AUDITED
SampleRowKeysRequest table_name AUDITED
app_profile_id AUDITED
SampleRowKeysResponse row_key1 Not audited
offset_bytes Not audited
response_stream_bytes2 AUDITED
TimestampRange start_timestamp_micros AUDITED
end_timestamp_micros AUDITED
ValueRange start_value_closed Not audited
start_value_open Not audited
end_value_closed Not audited
end_value_open Not audited

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