Install the gcloud CLI

As an alternative to the Google Cloud console, you can use the Google Cloud CLI and the cbt CLI to manage your Bigtable instances from the command line.


To install the command-line interfaces:

  1. Install the gcloud CLI.

    If you've already installed the gcloud CLI, run the following command to make sure it's up to date:

    gcloud components update
  2. Install or update the beta component of the gcloud CLI, along with the cbt CLI :

    gcloud components install beta cbt
  3. Set a default project for the gcloud CLI, replacing PROJECT_ID with the project where your Bigtable instances are located:

    gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID

You can now use the gcloud CLI and the cbt CLI for Bigtable.

Get help

For the gcloud CLI, each command for working with Bigtable begins with gcloud bigtable or gcloud beta bigtable. To get help for each command, see the reference documentation or beta reference documentation, or use the gcloud CLI itself to get help:

gcloud bigtable clusters --help  # help for all commands
gcloud bigtable clusters create --help  # help for the `create` command

For the cbt CLI , get help from the reference documentation, or use the cbt CLI itself to get help:

cbt help  # view a list of commands and help for all commands
cbt help createtable  # help for the `createtable` command

What's next