Provision the Spectrum Access System service

The Google Spectrum Access System (SAS) is part of the Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud). To interact with the SAS, you must be a Google Cloud customer and you must provision the SAS service using the Google Cloud Platform.

Key concepts

  • Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud): A suite of cloud computing services that run on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end-user products. If you don't already have a Google Cloud account, create one in Before you begin.

  • Google Cloud Console: A web-based graphical user interface that you can use to manage your Google Cloud projects and resources. You can also use this for billing management and accessing support.

  • Google Cloud organization: A top-level container for all of your Google Cloud resources. Your Google Cloud organization is created when you sign up for a Cloud Identity or Google Workspace. A Google Cloud organization is required if signing up for a recommended Cloud Customer Care support package.

  • Spectrum Access System (SAS): A cloud service that ensures the protection of higher-priority users by controlling the operating parameters, such as channels or transmission power, of lower-priority devices.

  • Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS): A spectrum band from 3550 megahertz (MHz) to 3700 MHz that is available for shared use.

  • Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD): A radio that operates in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum after receiving authorization from the SAS.

  • User ID: The unique identifier for the owner and operator of a CBSD, to use when registering CBSDs with the SAS.

  • Project ID: A globally unique identifier for your Google Cloud Platform project. You or the organization Google Cloud administrator chooses your project ID, and the ID is used as the user ID of your first deployment when following the provisioning steps in this guide.

  • SAS organization: Also known as a SAS customer account, this is the highest organizational unit in the SAS Portal. Most companies have a single SAS organization under which they might have multiple deployments. You create and choose the name of your SAS organization in the provisioning steps in this guide.

  • SAS deployment: A SAS resource which exists under the SAS organization resource. Each deployment is associated with a single user ID. A SAS organization may contain multiple deployments, and each deployment typically contains multiple CBSDs. When you provision the SAS service, you create your first deployment which has a user ID matching the Google Cloud Platform project ID that you choose.

  • SAS Portal: A web interface that manages one or more CBSD connected to the SAS. You can use the SAS Portal to add users, create CBSD configurations, and view the status of your CBRS network. After you follow the provisioning steps, you have access to the SAS Portal by navigating to

Before you begin

Google SAS is part of the Google Cloud Platform. To provision the SAS service, you need a Google Cloud account with an associated billing account and a Google Cloud project in which you want to create your first deployment. You also need to belong to a Google Cloud organization if you want to sign up for a Cloud Customer Care support package.

Provision the SAS service for your first deployment

To provision the SAS service for your first deployment, complete the steps in this section. These steps only apply to provisioning your first SAS deployment. To create additional SAS deployments, see Create new deployments.

  1. Navigate to the SAS page in Google Cloud console.
  2. In the project selector, select the target Google Cloud project.
  3. When prompted, do the following:
    1. Enable the SAS Portal API.
    2. Enter a descriptive name of your SAS organization.
    3. Confirm the UserID (URID) that you want to use for your first SAS deployment.
    4. Click Provision SAS Deployment to complete the provisioning operation.
    5. Go to the SAS Portal to verify that you now have access to your new deployment.

You can go to the SAS Portal to add users, create CBSD configurations, and view the status of your CBRS network. You can also read further for more information about how to Prepare to use SAS.

Prepare to use SAS

Ensure the following are available or in place for you to use SAS:

What's next