Manage user IDs and devices

The Google Spectrum Access System (SAS) Portal API lets you create, view, update, and delete user IDs and devices within your Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) network.

The ability for each user to manage a resource depends on the user role assigned to the resource or parent resource. Permissions are inherited from the parent resource.

User IDs

A user ID uniquely identifies the operator of a Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD). SAS uses user IDs to assign a device to a customer. Every SAS customer has to provide at least one user ID during customer account setup. You can add additional user IDs later.


The SAS Portal API enables multistep registration of CBSDs. For devices that need to be installed by a Certified Professional Installer (CPI), there are two ways to initiate the multistep registration process:

  • Option 1. Initiate the process with a CPI account. The user must be authenticated with the role_cpi role. First, the user is verified by using the ValidateInstaller() method, and then they use the SignDevice() method to send the CPI-validated configuration to SAS.

  • Option 2. Initiate the process with any account. Any user can use the CreateSigned() method to create an inactive device configuration that is ready for the CBSD to use. This method uses device parameters that are encoded with a CPI's private key.

Regardless of which option you use, this process creates an inactive configuration for the device in the SAS. Then, the CBSD sends a registration request to the SAS. If it is successful, the device status changes to Registered.

  • For CBSDs that do not need CPI validation, use the CreateDevice() method.
  • For single-step registration with CPI-encoded data, use the SAS-CBSD API defined by WInnForum.

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