Migrate to Spectrum Access System

This guide describes how to migrate from a third-party SAS solution to Spectrum Access System. If you have not already done so, complete the steps in Provision the Spectrum Access System service before completing the remaining steps in this guide.

File a migration request

Complete the following steps to file a migration request for Spectrum Access System:

  1. File a support case for SAS requesting CBSD migration. Include the following information:

    1. The name of your third-party SAS solution.
    2. A CSV-formatted list of CBSDs that you want to migrate to SAS. Each entry must contain the corresponding CBSD ID, serial number, and FCCID.
    3. Whether your CBSDs use single- or multi-step registration.
    4. A timeframe for your migration.

After the SAS team has made the required changes in the SAS backend, you will receive an email confirming your migration date, grant status, and other relevant information.

Migrate your devices

On the scheduled migration date, complete the following steps at least 1 hour before the CPAS window (7:00AM UTC):

  1. Deregister each migrated CBSD from your third-party SAS solution.
  2. Register each migrated CBSD with Spectrum Access System as described in Register a CBSD. Use the following information:

    1. User ID - set to the Google Cloud project ID of your SAS deployment as the user ID. You can find this ID in your SAS Portal account.
    2. Endpoint URL - set to https://sas.goog/v1.2.
  3. Report any migration issues that arise through the support case you have filed with Customer Care.

WARNING: You must claim each CBSD grant in Spectrum Access System on your migration date before the next CPAS window commences. Otherwise, the grants will be forfeited.