Use channel masks

This document provides information about how to use and set channel masks for your Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD).

When you request a channel mask, channel restrictions take effect immediately for spectrum inquiry requests and new grants. Any existing grants that overlap with newly restricted channels are terminated at the time specified in the Pending changes section of the Coex tab for that CBSD. Depending on your CBSD vendor, you might need to request grants for the available channels manually.

By default, Spectrum Access System (SAS) shows all channels as available to all CBSDs. Only users can set a channel mask. SAS doesn't automatically assign channel masks for any CBSDs.

After you set a channel mask for a CBSD, SAS rejects all new grant requests from that CBSD for the channels that you have restricted.

Use channel masks for the following:

  • To make sure that your CBSD uses the highest quality channel.
  • When you select new channels for a single CBSD with channel guidance or for multiple CBSDs with a channel plan.
  • Occasionally, a CBSD automatically requests a grant for channels that you don't want to use. In this case, use channel masks to hide channels so that the CBSD doesn't request grants for them.

Requirements to use a channel mask

  • To use channel masks, register through the early access sign-up form.
  • You can only use channel masks for a CBSD that has channel quality scores. Channel quality scores appear up to four hours after a CBSD configuration reaches the Ready for CPI status. Learn how to choose a channel.
  • Channel masks must be set on one CBSD at a time. Currently, channel masks can't be set in bulk for an entire deployment or a subset of one.

Set a channel mask

To set a channel mask, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SAS Portal.
  2. Click View deployments.
  3. Select the deployment, and then click Open.
  4. Select the CBSD. On the right, the CBSD page opens.
  5. On the Coex tab, for Channel mask, click Expand.
  6. Click Lock node.
  7. Click Select channels, and then select all the channels that you want the CBSD to use.

  8. Click Schedule request. The Channel mask section updates with your scheduled channel mask.

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