Connect to the test SAS environment

Spectrum Access System (SAS) is fully compatible with the SAS to Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD) communication standards defined by WInnForum.

The test SAS environment accepts official CPI certificates issued by a WInnForum-approved CBRS CA operator. To get CPI certificates for the test SAS environment, download the test CPI and follow the instructions in the text_cpi_id_a README.txt file.

To test the CBSD model with SAS, you need the following:

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ID
  • User IDs
  • CBSD or Domain Proxy (DP) certificates

    Use your production certificates. To obtain test certificates, contact SAS Support.

  • Certified Professional Installer (CPI) certificate

    SAS provides test CPI certificates, but you can also use the CPI certificate provided by your Training Program Administrator (TPA).

  • Google account

    The Google account credentials that you use to log in to the SAS Portal.

  • Root of trust

    The list of Google's test instance root certificate authority (CA) certificates in the CBSD or DP.

To test CBSD in the test SAS environment, use any of the following connection points.

Connection point
SAS Portal

A web-based application that you use for multistep registration, CPI validation, and for viewing the status of your CBSDs.

Access the test SAS Portal.

SAS Portal API

A set of APIs that you can use to integrate your application with SAS.

For more information, see the SAS API documentation.


A URL to connect your CBSDs to communicate with SAS.

The entry points for each type of request are as follows:

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