CBSD interoperability testing overview

Interoperability testing helps you ensure that a Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD) model and its software version work well with Spectrum Access System (SAS). We recommend that you, as a CBSD vendor, complete interoperability testing on the test SAS environment before proceeding with the production SAS environment.

Test and production SAS environments

The test environment is free to use. You can use the test environment for the following types of testing:

  • CBSD interoperability
  • API integration
  • Simulated or pre-production deployments by customers, vendors, and integrators

To access the test environment, contact SAS Support.

The test environment does not moderate live traffic in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum, but the production environment does. However, the production environment is only available to SAS customers.

The following table highlights the differences between the test and production SAS environments.

Test SAS environment Production SAS environment
SAS Portal URL

SAS URL for CBSD communications
SAS Portal API base URL
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) IDs

Lets you use certified and non-certified CBSDs.

To allowlist the FCC IDs of non-certified equipment, contact Google SAS Support.

Accepts only FCC-certified CBSDs.
SAS certificates In CBSD or Domain Proxy (DP), the root CA certificate of the Google test instance must be listed as a root of trust. All WInnForum root CA certificates must be listed as roots of trust in the CBSD or DP.
CBSD certificates SAS accepts the following certificates: SAS accepts only the official certificates issued by WInnForum-approved CBRS CA operators.
Certified Professional Installer (CPI) SAS accepts requests from the following CPIs:

SAS only accepts requests from CPIs accredited by approved CPI TPAs.

If SAS rejects your CPI credentials, then contact your TPA to confirm that your credentials are valid and have been uploaded to the WInnForum CPI database.

Grant authorization Grants are authorized for test purposes only. Protected entities are enforced based on the specifications for termination and suspension zones in the test plan. Grants are authorized to transmit according to the FCC regulations. Grant authorization protects higher-tier usage in the band in accordance with the specifications of termination and suspension zones in the test plan.
Protected entities Entities such as simulated termination and suspension zones are protected according to FCC regulations. All entities are protected according to FCC regulations. However, grant requests are rejected inside exclusion zones and might require grant adjustments or suspensions.
Coordinated Periodic Activities among SASs (CPAS) Runs once a day from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM UTC. Runs once a day from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM UTC.
Dynamic Protected Areas (DPAs) DPAs are inactive except for Guam, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. They might be activated periodically and without notice to facilitate device testing. DPAs are activated based on incumbent activity detected by Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) sensors. In areas where ESC sensors are not deployed, DPAs remain active.

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