Spectrum Access System billing

Spectrum Access System (SAS) billing is set by SAS deployment, which is a collection of Citizens Broadband Radio Service Devices (CBSDs) with the same userID (UR ID), and based on the type of CBSD radio in each deployment. Pricing is specified in your SAS agreement.

There are two billing modes:

  • Fixed wireless pricing: SAS services are billed per Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). Base stations that operate solely to connect to CPEs in a fixed wireless setup are free of charge. This pricing applies to SAS deployments that meet one of the following conditions:

    • The number of CPE CBSDs is equal or more than the number of Base stations
    • The number of CBSDs less than ten and the number of CPEs greater than zero

  • Mobility, IoT, or Private-LTE pricing: SAS services are billed per Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD), based on CBSD category A or B. This pricing applies to any CBSD that is not used solely for CBSD-to-CBSD fixed wireless. This pricing applies to SAS deployments that meet the following conditions:

    • CBSD type is the same as the base station for all the CBSDs
    • The number of CPEs is less than the number of base stations

Note: For customers who provisioned SAS prior to Nov 6 2023, the billing mode for each deployment is determined when the SAS organization is provisioned. The billing mode is visible in the SAS Portal.

How billing works

  • Pay for CBSDs registered each day: You're billed for the CBSDs that are registered for more than 30 minutes each day. The prices are quoted in monthly increments. The billing is prorated per day for each CBSD registered with Google SAS.
  • Pay each month: Google sends an invoice at the beginning of the month for the charges incurred during the previous month. Invoices are sent through email to the contact address you specified when you signed up with Google SAS.

View your billing options

As an administrator, you can view the default and allowed billing modes associated with your SAS account on the SAS Portal.

To view the billing mode:

  1. Open the SAS Portal.
  2. Click View deployments.
  3. Select your organization.
  4. On the deployment page, view the billing mode.
  5. For the billing mode, select Default billing mode or Allowed billing mode.

Determine if your CBSD operates as a base station

To find your CBSD radio type:

  1. Open the SAS Portal.
  2. Click View deployments, and then open your organization.
  3. Click Table view.
  4. On the Device table page, select a CBSD.
  5. On the Config tab, view the Radio type as CPE or Basestation.

Understand and pay your SAS invoice

Invoices are sent by email at the beginning of the month for your previous month's activities, and payment terms are Net 30. Invoices are sent to the email address that you used to sign up. To change your billing email address, contact the customer maintenance team.

Review and pay charges

To review and pay charges:

  1. Open your monthly invoice and go to the second page.
  2. Review each column.
  3. Send your payment to the address or bank account listed on the Google invoice.

Understand each column in the invoice

Invoice item Description

The Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) device type or category for which you're billed:

  • Spectrum Access System FIXED_WIRELESS_CPE: CPE device connected through fixed wireless
  • Spectrum Access System MOBILE_A: Category A CBSD
  • Spectrum Access System MOBILE_B: Category B CBSD

The number of days that CBSDs are registered during the billing period. For example, if one CBSD is registered with the SAS for 30 days, it is equal to 30 in quantity.

Unit price

The price per day for each device. For example, if the price per month is $2.25, the unit price displayed in the invoice is $2.25 multiplied by 12 months and then divided by 365 days, which is equal to $0.073972.

Download usage reports

To request your usage report by email, contact the SAS support team.

Get more help

For questions about billing, email collections@google.com, or at the bottom of your invoice email, click Contact us.

Billing information for nonprofits

If your organization is a nonprofit, sign up for SAS and enter your tax exemption documentation to exclude tax on your monthly SAS usage fees. Only administrators can upload tax exemption information.

To enter your tax exemption information for existing users:

  1. Open payments.google.com.
  2. Sign in with your company's administrator account.
  3. On the right, click Settings, and then click Tax exemption info.
  4. Select the following:
    • State
    • Tax exemption number
    • The certificate start and end date, if applicable
    • The exemption type, if applicable
  5. To select your tax exemption certificate file, click Upload File.
  6. When the file is uploaded, click Add, and then click Save. After your certificate is accepted, the status of your account updates automatically.