View connections

To view all the connections available within your Google Cloud project, go to the Integration Connectors page in the Cloud console and select a Google Cloud project to open the Connections page.

Go to the Connections page

To view the details of a specific connection, you click on a connection name in the table of existing connections. You can also filter the list of available connections by connection name (for example, my-connection-1) or connector type (for example, BigQuery).

Selecting an individual connection opens the Connection Details page, which displays the following information about the connection instance:

  • Connector type
  • Connector status
  • Authentication type
  • Location
  • Connection details specific to the connector type
  • Locked status

Connection status

A connection can be in any of the following statuses:

  • Creating: The connection is being provisioned.
  • Active: The connection is provisioned and is active.
  • Refreshing schema: The connection schema (for entities and actions) is being refreshed.
  • Inactive: The connection is inactive. The status will be inactive if you suspend the connection.
  • Deleting: The connection is getting deleted.
  • Updating: The connection is being updated.
  • Error: There is an error in the connection and it's not able to connect to the backend system. To identify the root cause, see the Integration Connectors logs.
  • Authorization required: The connection is created but the authorization is not configured.