View Integration Connectors logs

This page describes the logging data available for a connector and how you can access this data using Cloud Logging.

Cloud Logging is a fully managed service that allows you to store, search, analyze, monitor, and alert on logging data and events from Google Cloud. For more information about Cloud Logging, see Cloud Logging documentation.

A connector provides runtime logs for the following levels of severity:

  • Error: These logs contain error messages that occurred during connection failures, authentication failures, and other runtime failures.
  • Warning: These logs contain non-critical messages that occurred when the connector ran. For example, if you are accessing an unsupported entity, a warning message is logged.

Both the error and warning logs are logged by connector. However, in the Cloud Logging, you can filter your logs based on the severity (error or warning).

View logs

If logging is enabled for a connector, you can view the logs in the Logs Explorer. To view the logs in the Google Cloud console, do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Logs Explorer in the Google Cloud console:

    Go to Logs Explorer

    To get a better understanding of the Logs Explorer, see Logs Explorer interface.

  2. In the Query tab, enter:

    This sample query shows logs for all the connections across all the regions. You can further filter the logs based on region and a connection name. For example, the following query shows logs for the cloud-storage-con-1 connection, that is configured in the us-central1 location.

  3. You can filter the search results further by time, severity, and log name.
  4. Click Run query.