Edit a connection

This page describes how to edit a connection.

You can edit individual connections from the Connection Details page.

  • To edit the connection, click Edit to open an editable Connection Details page. Once editing is complete, click Save to save the changes and close the editing page.
  • To copy the connection details, click Duplicate to open the Duplicate Connection pane. Enter the following details:
    • Connection Name: Enter a name for the new connection instance.

      Connection names must meet the following criteria:

      • Connection names can use letters, numbers, or hyphens.
      • Letters must be lower-case.
      • Connection names must begin with a letter and end with a letter or number.
      • Connection names cannot exceed 63 characters.
    • Optionally, add a Description of the connection instance.
    • Click Duplicate to copy the connection details and close the pane.
  • To prevent future editing of the connection, click Lock on the Connection Details screen. Locking a connection allows you to prevent accidental deletion or modification of a live connection. Click Confirm to lock the connection and close the pane.