Data governance and generative AI

Google was one of the first in the industry to publish an AI/ML Privacy Commitment, which outlines our belief that customers should have the highest level of security and control over their data that is stored in the cloud. That commitment extends to Google Cloud generative AI products. Google helps ensure that its teams are following these commitments through robust data governance practices, which includes reviews of the data that Google Cloud uses in the development of its products. More details about how Google processes data can also be found in Google's Customer Data Processing Addendum (CDPA).

Usage of generative AI

Vertex AI Agent Builder uses generative AI services for building search, personalized, and conversational experiences.

As part of the Google Cloud AI/ML Privacy Commitment, customer data used in Vertex AI Agent Builder is not used to train foundation models.

Foundation models are frozen and only process input to provide output for the services provided by Vertex AI Agent Builder.

Customer-specific models

When applicable, customer-specific models are built automatically and used only in the context of the project that is specific to the customer for the Vertex AI Agent Builder service.

Any customer data used to create these customer-specific models is not used to train foundation models.

Customer-specific models, much like all customer data, continues to be protected by Google's security controls and best practices.