Configure field settings

This page shows you how to configure the fields to set up an app for structured data or for unstructured data with metadata.

Field settings help determine how Vertex AI Search uses fields in its results. You can use the Schema tab in the Google Cloud console to configure field settings for structured data and unstructured data with metadata.

Configuring field settings is available only for apps with data stores that have either structured data or unstructured data with metadata.

The following field settings are available:

Field setting Definition Use case
Indexable If a field is set to Indexable, Vertex AI Search can filter, order, and facet using this field. Setting boolean and object fields to indexable is not supported. Search
Searchable If a field is set to Searchable, recall for that field in Vertex AI Search queries is improved. Only fields with text values can be set to Searchable.
Dynamic facetable If a field is set to Dynamic Facetable, Vertex AI Search can use that field as a dynamic facet. Dynamic facets can be automatically added to a search based on previous user behavior such as facet clicks and views. This setting is applicable only to fields that are indexable. Search
Retreivable If a field is set to Retrievable, Vertex AI Search returns the field in search results. Search
Completable If a field is set to Completable, Vertex AI Search uses the field's contents as search query suggestions. For more information, see Configure autocomplete. Search
Filterable If a field is set to Filterable, Vertex AI Search recommendations can use that field to filter recommendations results. For information about filtering recommendations, see Filter recommendations. Recommendations


Field settings have the following limitations:

  • You can configure up to 50 fields as indexable, searchable, or dynamic facetable.
  • You can configure up to 30 fields as retrievable.
  • To configure a field as dynamic facetable, it must first be configured as indexable.
  • Changing the indexable setting requires re-indexing the data, which can take hours, especially for large data stores.

If you are configuring fields for a media search app and want detailed information about the fields in the schema, see About media documents and data stores.

Update field settings

To update field settings:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Agent Builder page.

    Agent Builder

  2. Click the name of the app that you want to edit.

  3. Click Data.

  4. Click the Schema tab. This tab shows current field settings.

  5. Click Edit.

  6. Select or clear field settings that you need to update. Some field settings are not supported. For example, numerical fields cannot be set to Searchable.

  7. Click Save to apply your changes.

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