About the checklists

App creation steps differ based on the kind of app you plan to create. The checklists for app creation provide a high-level overview of the steps required to set up Vertex AI Search for your specific use case.

For example, media recommendations apps require that you upload user events to help generate accurate recommendations, whereas other app types don't require user events. These variations lead to multiple paths through the app creation process. As you create your app, these checklists are designed to guide you through the documentation based on your use case.


From the following table, select a checklist based on your use case.

Industry type Data Search app checklists Recommendations app checklists
Generic Structured and unstructured data Generic search checklist Generic recommendations checklist
Generic Website data Website search checklist N/A
Media Media data Media search checklist Media recommendations checklist
Healthcare FHIR data Healthcare search checklist N/A