Configure facets for the search widget

Facets can be shown next to results in the search widget to help users filter the results. You can use the Configurations page in the Google Cloud console to specify which fields to use as facets on your widget for apps with structured data or unstructured data with metadata.

Facet configuration is not supported for widgets for apps with website data or unstructured data without metadata.

If you use access control for your data sources, these configuration settings also apply to the web app.

Before setting a field as a facet, make sure that the field is set to Retrievable and Indexable. For more information, see Configure field settings.

To set a field as a facet:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Agent Builder page.

    Agent Builder

  2. Click the name of the app that you want to edit.

  3. Click Configurations.

  4. Click the UI tab.

  5. If you have multiple data stores connected to your app, select the data store to configure facet settings for.

  6. Expand the Facet settings section.

  7. Click Add facet.

  8. Select a field to use as a facet.

  9. Enter a display name for the facet.

  10. Click Save and publish.