Spend-based committed use discounts

Spend-based committed use discounts (CUDs) provide a discount in exchange for your commitment to spend a minimum amount for a product or service. The discount applies to the set of eligible resources for the service.

Learn about the products covered by spend-based commitments.

You must purchase separate spend-based commitments for each Google Cloud service that CUDs are available for. The committed use discounts apply to eligible usage in any projects that the Cloud Billing account pays for.

Purchase spend-based commitments

You can purchase spend-based committed use discounts in the Google Cloud console. The commitments are effective starting within the hour from the time you purchased them. The discounts are applied to eligible usage in the applicable regions.

Permissions required

To purchase or manage spend-based committed use discounts for your Cloud Billing account, you must be a Billing Account Administrator.

Steps to purchase

To purchase spend-based committed use discounts, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud console.

    Sign in to Google Cloud console

  2. Open the Google Cloud console Navigation menu , and then select Billing.

    If you have more than one Cloud Billing account, do one of the following:

    • To manage Cloud Billing for the current project, select Go to linked billing account.
    • To locate a different Cloud Billing account, select Manage billing accounts and then choose the account that you want to manage.
  3. You can purchase commitments from the committed use discount dashboard or analysis report.

    1. To view the dashboard select Commitments from the Cloud Billing menu.

    2. To purchase a commitment select Purchase.

  4. Select the Product.

  5. Enter a name for your commitment.

  6. Choose a commitment term of 1 or 3 years, the duration for which you are charged for the commitment.

  7. Enter your hourly commitment amount, in terms of equivalent on-demand spend.

    • This amount represents the equivalent of on-demand costs that you would have incurred without the committed use discount.
    • You can view the commitment fee, your recurring charge, in the commitment summary.
    • You can view the estimated savings when your commitments are fully utilized in the commitment summary.
  8. Read the Service Specific Terms regarding Committed Units

  9. Review everything you entered to verify you're committing to the correct amount. If the product requires commitment within a specific region, make sure that you have also selected the correct region.

  10. To preview your purchase, click the Purchase button. This does not process the actual purchase, but rather prepares a summary for you to review before finalizing.

  11. To finalize your purchase, review the commitment summary and click Purchase again.

Repeat these steps for each service that you want to purchase a commitment for.

Viewing commitments

You can view the details of your spend-based committed use discounts in the Google Cloud console commitment dashboard or analysis report, described in Analyzing your spend-based commitments.

For an explanation of the commitment dashboard and analysis report, see Understanding the dashboard and Understanding the analysis report.

Canceling commitments

You cannot cancel the commitments you've purchased. You must pay the agreed upon monthly amount for the duration of the commitment. Your commitment and the resources covered by it are not affected by future changes to the standard prices for those resources.

If you accidentally purchased a commitment or made a mistake configuring your commitment, contact Cloud Billing Support for help.

How committed use discounts work

Your spend-based committed use discount is applied to the eligible usage each hour.

If you use more in the hour than you committed to, the overage is charged at your regular on-demand rate. If you use less in the hour than you committed to, you do not fully utilize your commitment or realize your full discount.

To understand how your commitment fees and credits are applied to your Cloud Billing account and projects, see Attribution of committed use discount fees and credits.

Understanding your bill, invoice, and exported data

To understand spend-based committed use discounts in your bill, invoice, and exported data, see Analyze the effectiveness of your spend-based committed use discounts.

APIs and reference

You can purchase commitments for VMware Engine and Compute Engine flexible commitments by using the Cloud Commerce Consumer Procurement API. For more information, see the documentation.


If you have questions regarding committed use discounts on your bill, contact Cloud Billing Support for help.