Google Cloud accessibility

Part of Google's mission is to make products and services universally accessible to users, including 1 billion people in the world who have a disability. This page outlines Google Cloud's accessibility resources.

Based on your operating system, use the following screen readers with these recommended browsers:

Operating system Screen reader Browser
Microsoft Windows NVDA or JAWS Mozilla Firefox

Chrome Browser

macOS VoiceOver Chrome Browser
Chrome OS ChromeVox Chrome Browser
iOS VoiceOver N/A (mobile app)
Android TalkBack N/A (mobile app)

Use accessibility resources in the console

To use the Google Cloud console accessibility menu, press Tab when a page loads in your browser. You can perform the following actions:

Action Description
Skip to main content If you're using a keyboard to navigate the screen, skip the navigation menu and move focus to the page content.
Keyboard shortcuts Configure keyboard shortcuts. For more information, see Keyboard shortcuts for Google Cloud.
Accessibility help Open this documentation page in a new browser tab.
Accessibility feedback Send feedback and suggestions about using assistive technologies with Google products. Open Google Accessibility feedback and suggestions in a new browser tab.

Enable accessibility features for the Google Cloud CLI

If you use a screen reader, you can enable accessibility features that improve your experience with the Google Cloud CLI. For more information, see Enabling accessibility features.

Request a Google Cloud accessibility report

A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) explains how information and communication technology meet the U.S. Section 508 and EN 301 549 standards for accessibility.

To request VPATs for Google Cloud products, see Voluntary Product Accessibility Template Compliance.

Support and feedback

For general accessibility information, see Google disability inclusion.

Get support

To get support from a Google disability specialist, see Contact the Google Disability Support team.

Send feedback

To send accessibility feedback about Google products, see Google Accessibility feedback and suggestions.

To provide feedback about Google screen readers, see the following: