Get Cloud Billing support

All Google Cloud accounts get free billing and payments support. This page tells you how to contact Cloud Billing Support if you need help with your Cloud Billing account, and shows you where to get more information about managing your billing account.

Cloud Billing Support is available in several regions and languages. For information about support availability, see Google Cloud Support plans.

You can get interactive help in the Google Cloud console with the interactive billing assistant.

Go to the Google Cloud console

Contact Cloud Billing Support

To contact support for a Cloud Billing issue, you must be a Billing Account Administrator on the Cloud Billing account. If you are not a billing administrator, we provide an alternative contact path for certain Cloud Billing issues.

Before you contact Cloud Billing support, consider these other sources of information that might help you resolve Cloud Billing issues.

For Billing Administrators

For Cloud Billing accounts you own, follow this link to contact Cloud Billing Support. Note that you must be a billing administrator on at least one Cloud Billing account to use this contact method.

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Help and Support page.

    Open Help and Support

  2. In the Category field, select Billing as the issue category.

  3. At the prompt, select Get billing support to access a dedicated billing support site, the Billing assistant.

When using the Billing Assistant, if you get an error message when you attempt to contact Cloud Billing Support, consider the following options:

  • Sign into a billing administrator account or ask a billing administrator on the Cloud Billing account to contact support on your behalf.
  • If you use Google Cloud through a reseller or other Google Partner, you must contact them for billing support.

Learn about managing Cloud Billing support cases for your Cloud Billing account.

Contact support if you're NOT a Billing Administrator

If you are not a billing administrator on at least one Cloud Billing account, and you don't know how to contact your billing administrator, visit our contact troubleshooter to find an alternative contact option, depending on your issue.

The troubleshooter can help non-billing-administrators contact support for issues like the following:

  • Your Cloud Billing account is suspended.
  • Issues with your form of payment, such as an error message when attempting to add or update a payment method.
  • Your are unable to edit/update/delete your Google Cloud project or resources.
  • You have lost access to your Google Cloud project or Cloud Billing account and you need to regain access.
  • You see unknown charges from Google Cloud on your form of payment and you are unable to stop these charges.

Open the Support Contact Troubleshooter

Other Cloud Billing resources

If you're stuck and have questions about Cloud Billing, you might find answers in the following resources. Before you contact billing support, consider these alternative sources of information.


See the Cloud Billing documentation for articles that can show you how to monitor your costs, pay your bills, manage your billing account, modify account settings, and resolve common issues. Here are some links to specific articles:

Billing during the Free Trial:

Monitor costs:

Pay your bill:

Manage Cloud Billing accounts:

View all Cloud Billing documentation

Google Cloud console

The Billing section in the Google Cloud console is where you monitor your costs, access billing reports, make changes to your Cloud Billing account settings, set up budgets and alerts, view payment history, view and download documents such as statements, invoices, and receipts, and export billing data for custom analysis.

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to your Cloud Billing account.

    Go to your Cloud Billing account

  2. At the prompt, choose the Cloud Billing account that you want to view. The Billing account overview page opens for the selected Cloud Billing account.

  3. In the Billing navigation panel, select the page you want to view for for the Cloud Billing account (for example, Reports, Billing export, Documents, Payment method, or Account management). The Billing pages available in the Google Cloud console vary depending on the type of billing account you are viewing and your level of permissions on the Cloud Billing account.

    To switch to viewing a different Cloud Billing account, in the Billing navigation panel, expand the Billing account dropdown and select the Cloud Billing account you want to view. If you do not see the account in the list, select Manage Billing Accounts to view a complete list of Cloud Billing accounts that you can view.

Get billing support for other Google products

If you are having trouble with the billing account associated with your Google Maps Platform projects or with your Google Workspace account, other troubleshooting tools and contact options are available.

Google Maps Platform

Google Maps Platform customers need a valid Cloud Billing account to use the Google Maps Platform APIs.

To get billing support for your Google Maps Platform account:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, visit the Google Maps Platform support page.

    Go to Google Maps Platform support

  2. In the project drop down ( My Project ) at the top of the Google Cloud console page, select the project related to your Google Maps Platform billing question.

    • To view the support form, the project you select must contain at least one enabled Google Maps Platform API.
    • To file a Google Maps Platform billing support case, you need to be a Project Owner or Project Editor on the selected project.
  3. In the Contact Maps Platform Support form, set the Issue type to Billing issue.

  4. Fill out the rest of the form fields in detail, and then click Submit.

    After you submit the form, a new support case is created. It may take a few minutes to create your case.

Google Workspace