Extend your initial setup and build your architecture

After you set up Google Cloud using the Google Cloud setup process, you can extend your initial configuration and build your architecture.

Extend your initial setup

The Google Cloud setup process helps you create and deploy an initial configuration. To further customize your configuration to meet your organization's unique needs, you can perform the following optional procedures at any time after you complete your initial setup.

Manage users and groups

To manage users and groups beyond the initial administrators you created, do the following:

Monitor your billing account

To monitor costs after you set up your Cloud Billing account, we recommend that you implement the following for each account:

Customize your network

After you deploy your Google Cloud setup, you can customize your initial network configuration by doing the following:

Maintain and analyze logs

After you create your initial logging configuration, do the following:

Give users access to support

To configure user access to support services, see Access control with IAM.

Build your Google Cloud architecture

When you are ready to experiment and build your Google Cloud architecture, see the following: