Manage serving configs

This page describes how to delete, edit, and list serving configs, as well as review statistics about each config.

For help with creating a new serving config, see Create serving configs.

Edit serving configs

You can see and edit each serving config on the Serving Configs page. Click a serving config to see its Details page, where you can make edits to that serving config.

It takes a few minutes for newly created or updated serving configs to be ready to serve live traffic.

View serving configs

You can see all of your serving configs on the Serving Configs page.

Delete a serving config

To delete a serving config in the console:

  1. Go to the Discovery Engine Serving Configs page in the Google Cloud console.

    Go to the Serving Configs page

  2. Click the serving config you want to delete to open its details page.

  3. Click Delete in the button bar at the top of the page.

  4. If the serving config is considered active, you must retype its ID and click Confirm to complete the deletion.

Reviewing serving config statistics

You can see details for each serving config on the Serving Configs page. For any serving config in the table, click View analytics to see its statistics.

Click-through-rate shows the clicks per search for the serving config. Conversion rate indicates the purchases per search for the config.