What is Discovery for Media?

This documentation covers the public preview of Discovery for Media, which provides Google-quality content recommendations on your digital properties to help increase engagement using the Discovery for Media Recommendations service.

Media Recommendations is a real-time, personalized, content recommendation service that leverages Google's AI/ML technology and scalable infrastructure. It aims to help reduce the friction of delivering omnichannel experiences like video streaming, short form videos, news, and music. Enable your audiences to discover more personalized content, like what to watch or read next, with Google-quality results customized by expressed optimization objectives.

Discovery Engine powers Discovery for Media. Use Discovery Engine API and the Discovery Engine console to create and manage Discovery for Media resources.

What makes Media Recommendations unique?

Discovery for Media offers experience, flexibility, personalization, scale, and innovation:

  • One Google: Media customers benefit from Google's decades-long experience in content discovery across our flagship products including Google Ads, Google Search, Google Play, and YouTube.
  • Designed for media customers: Configuration options that customize for specific needs offer flexibility and scalability to meet the high-performance demands of online media consumption.
  • Optimized for each media customer: Media customers can personalize results based on audience interaction and ranking models while optimizing to achieve their business goals.
  • Planet-scale infrastructure: Media customers leverage Google's planet-scale infrastructure to deliver real-time predictions to audiences around the world.
  • Google AI/ML: Google innovation in AI/ML capabilities provide fast, high-quality recommendations that increase customer engagement, watch time, and user retention.

What use cases are supported for Media Recommendations?

Primary use cases available for Public Preview include:

  • Video, news, article, music, and podcast recommendations on landing page and category pages. These might include recommendations for users like "Recommended For You", "Top Korean Dramas", or "Thrillers & Mysteries For You".
  • Video, news, article, music, and podcast recommendations on content detail pages, such as "More Like This", "You May Also Like", pre-rolls (trailers), and spool-up (watch next) content.
  • Hero carousel recommendations.
  • Promotional marketing such as newsletters, SMS, in-app messaging, and push notifications.

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