Viewing release details

This document describes the information that you can find on the Cloud Deploy Release details page in Google Cloud console, including the following:

  • Metadata and other information about the release:

    Release metadata shown in Google Cloud console

  • Rollouts

    You can view a list of rollouts for this release, and click a rollout to view rollout details.

  • Release artifacts

    • The rendering source, which was archived when the release was first created.
    • The names of all build artifacts, such as the container image that was deployed.
    • Rendered artifacts, including the rendered manifest.yaml and the rendered skaffold.yaml that was used for this release.

You can also view a diff of different versions of the rendered manifests and skaffold.yaml files.

View rollouts

  1. From the Release details page, select the Rollouts tab.

  2. Click the name of the rollout that you want to view.

    The rollout details are displayed over the page. These details include links to render logs, deployment logs, and target artifacts (manifest.yaml and skaffold.yaml).

    The Rollout page is displayed. The Summary shows rollout metadata and status.

    Rollout summary shown in Google Cloud console

    The Phases tab shows the phases and jobs in the rollout. From here you can perform actions on the rollout, such as advance phases, terminate job runs, and more.

    Phases summary shown in Google Cloud console

View release artifacts

The Release details page includes an Artifacts tab, listing build artifacts, target artifacts (manifests and Skaffold configs), and the rendering source for those target artifacts.

From this page, you can do the following:

  • Download the rendering source archive file.

  • Click through to see the render logs for the target artifacts.

  • View the rendered target artifacts themselves.

View rendered manifests and diffs, with release inspector

In Google Cloud console, you can compare different versions of some of your release artifacts. You can view a diff of the following types of artifacts:

  • Rendered manifests
  • Rendered skaffold.yaml configuration files

Diff of rendered manifests from different targets, shown in Google Cloud console

To view a diff:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, navigate to the Cloud Deploy Delivery pipelines page to view your delivery pipelines.

    Open the Delivery pipelines page

  2. Click the delivery pipeline that's managing the release you want to inspect.

  3. On the Delivery pipeline details page, make sure the Releases tab is selected, and click the name of the release you want to inspect.

    The delivery pipeline details page in Google Cloud console, showing releases.

  4. On the Release details page, click the Artifacts tab.

  5. In the Target artifacts list, click the View artifacts link for the artifact that you want to inspect.

    List of target artifacts on the **Release details** page, showing the **View artifacts** link.

  6. Select the Manifest tab or the Skaffold config tab.

  7. Click Show diff.

    Release inspector, showing a rendered manifest.

    The release inspector shows the same version of the artifact on both sides.

  8. For each artifact shown, choose the release name, target name, phase name, or all, if necessary.

    You can choose the artifact for each side of the diff based on release name or target name.

    This way you can choose which version of the artifact to compare on each side, by release and by target. For example, you can choose the same release for each, and compare the manifest for that release but for different targets.

The differences between the selected artifacts are highlighted.

View rendered artifacts in the Cloud Storage bucket

The Cloud Storage bucket that stores your rendered release artifacts is shown on, and linked from, the Artifacts tab on the release details page:

Artifacts tab on the release details page

  1. On the release details page, select the Artifacts tab.

  2. In the Target artifacts table, find the target whose artifacts you want to view, and click the corresponding link in the Storage location column.

    The Cloud Storage bucket details are shown, for the specific target. The bucket contains rendered artifacts for each phase of the rollout:

    Per-phase listing of artifacts for the rollout

  3. Click on the phase whose rendered artifacts you want to view,

    The available artifacts for that phase are listed:

    Available artifacts for the phase

  4. Click on the artifact you want to view to see its contents.