About the automation resource

This document describes the Cloud Deploy resources used to execute automations.

You can configure Cloud Deploy to automatically perform certain delivery pipeline tasks, such as promote a release or advance a rollout to a given phase. These automations rely on two Cloud Deploy resources:

  • The Automation itself

  • The AutomationRun

These resources are described in this document.

The Automation resource

An Automation is a Cloud Deploy resource that defines how to automate one or more delivery pipeline tasks. The Automation associates one or more target resources with one or more automation rules.

The Automation resource includes the following:

  • A reference to the target (or targets) against which to perform the automation (the selector).

  • An automation rule that determines how to do the automation.

  • Metadata, such as description, annotations, and labels.

  • A suspended property.

  • The service account to use to perform the automation. The service account is required, and it must have the necessary permissions to perform the automation. Automation doesn't assume a default service account.

The Automation resource is a child resource of the delivery pipeline; if you delete a delivery pipeline, all automations that are children of that pipeline are also deleted.

The configuration file schema describes how to configure the Automation.

The AutomationRun resource

An AutomationRun represents an execution of an automation rule.

The automation service account

The service account you use to invoke an automation can be the default service account or another service account. However, even if you're using the default service account, you must specify it, using the serviceAccount property in the Automation configuration.

The automation service account must have iam.serviceAccount.actAs permission on the applicable execution service account. Also, if the automation service account isn't in the same project as the delivery pipeline, the Cloud Deploy service agent must have iam.serviceAccount.actAs on the automation service account.

Required permissions on the automation service account

Whether you specify the default or a non-default service account for an automation, the service account must have the following permissions:

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