About Cloud Deploy regions

The Cloud Deploy service runs as multiple independent, isolated instances in various Google Cloud locations. The location where you create a delivery pipeline determines which Cloud Deploy instance stores and processes requests for that pipeline.

The Cloud Locations page lists supported regions for each Google Cloud product, including Cloud Deploy.

When Cloud Deploy uses other Google Cloud resources for a pipeline, it creates them in the same location if possible, including Cloud Storage buckets, for example, which Cloud Deploy uses to store rendered configuration manifests.

Cloud Deploy instances can deploy applications to locations other than the one where Cloud Deploy is running. This capability allows your delivery pipelines to deploy to multiple regions. However, a given delivery pipeline is only accessible by a single Cloud Deploy instance.

Cloud Deploy instances operate independently, so a failure in one region doesn't affect an instance in another. For this reason, if you are only deploying to a single region, we recommended (but don't require) that you create your pipeline in the same location as your target cluster.