Suspend a delivery pipeline

This page describes how to suspend a Cloud Deploy delivery pipeline.

You can suspend a delivery pipeline. Suspending a pipeline means that it can no longer be used for the following:

  • Create a release

  • Promote a release

  • Roll back a release

  • Redeploy a release

  • Approve or reject a rollout

Here are some possible reasons for suspending a delivery pipeline:

  • There's a problem with a release and you want to prevent further action on that pipeline until the problem is found.

  • Your organization observes a holiday freeze, for example during peak holiday shopping season.

To suspend a delivery pipeline:

  1. In the delivery pipeline configuration file, include the following property:

    suspended: true

    This property goes at the top level, as shown:

    kind: DeliveryPipeline
     Name: my-app
    description: main application pipeline
    suspended: true
       - targetId: dev
         profiles: []
       - targetId: staging
         profiles: []
       - targetId: prod
         profiles: []
  2. Register the delivery pipeline:

    gcloud deploy apply --file=PIPELINE_CONFIG --region=REGION --project=PROJECT_ID



      Is the name of the delivery pipeline configuration file, typically clouddeploy.yaml. This is required.

    • REGION

      Is the name of the region in which the delivery pipeline was created, for example us-central1. This is required.


      Is the project ID of the project in which the delivery pipeline was created. This is required.

The delivery pipeline is now in a suspended state, which prevents release creation, promotion, rollback and redeploy, and rollout approval.

Because the
  pipeline is suspended, actions, such as promote, are prevented.

Rollouts from suspended delivery pipelines

If there are any rollouts in progress or queued when you suspend a delivery pipeline, those rollouts continue to completion—they are not canceled. However, because you can't create or promote a release, no new rollouts can be created using that pipeline until it's resumed.

IAM permissions required for suspending a pipeline

The IAM permissions required for suspending a delivery pipeline are included in the following roles:

  • roles/clouddeploy.admin

  • roles/clouddeploy.operator

  • roles/clouddeploy.developer

Resume a suspended delivery pipeline

To re-enable a suspended delivery pipeline:

  1. In the delivery pipeline configuration file, remove the property suspended: true, or set it to false.

  2. Apply the configuration:

    gcloud deploy apply --file=PIPELINE_CONFIG --region=REGION --project=PROJECT_ID

Find out what pipelines are suspended

Any delivery pipelines that are locked are shown with a lock icon next to the name in the Google Cloud console Delivery pipelines view:

Lock icon, indicating that the delivery pipeline is suspended.

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