Manage Skaffold versions

Cloud Deploy uses Skaffold, through Cloud Build, to deploy your application by rendering and deploying manifests.

The page describes how Cloud Deploy selects what version of Skaffold to use. This page also includes information about the following:

What version of Skaffold does Cloud Deploy use?

Cloud Deploy performs its operations using a custom image, which includes a Skaffold LTS version. Each supported version of Skaffold is listed in the table in this document, linked to the repository of all Cloud Deploy images. The version number of each Cloud Deploy image corresponds to the Skaffold version number.

Before August 30, 2022, Cloud Deploy used the LTS version of the most recent publicly available Skaffold images.

Supported versions

Skaffold version Max schema version As-of date Default?
2.11.x (release notes) v4beta10 May 6, 2024
2.10.x (release notes) v4beta9 February 2, 2024
2.8.x (release notes) v4beta7 October 27, 2023
2.6.x (release notes) v4beta6 July 6, 2023
2.3.x (release notes) v4beta4 April 24, 2023
2.0.x (release notes) v4beta1 January 9, 2023

Each version in this table links to a repository in Artifact Registry. In that repository, look for the most recent date for the latest version or for the version you want. The repository linked is in the us-central1 region, but these images are available in each region where Cloud Deploy is available. The image that gets used is in the region where the delivery pipeline was created.

Cloud Deploy uses the latest patch release for each supported Skaffold version. We announce support for new versions, including specific Skaffold version patches, in the release notes.

Preview version

You can use the Cloud Deploy Preview image, which includes preview features.

The Skaffold version in the preview image can be updated at any time, and doesn't follow a regular release schedule. We recommend you not use the preview version for production workloads.

The preview version is in the same repository as the supported versions. Look for images with a tag that begins with skaffold_preview.

Some preview features require the Cloud Deploy preview image. For these features, Cloud Deploy uses that preview version without you having to do anything. If you try to select a different Skaffold version when you create a release using a preview feature, the command fails.

Find out the Skaffold version associated with a release

You can find the version Cloud Deploy is using at any given time by running the following command:

gcloud deploy releases describe RELEASE \
       --delivery-pipeline=DELIVERY_PIPELINE \

The version is shown in the skaffoldVersion attribute in the output.

Choose what version of Skaffold to use

You can use any supported version of Skaffold. To select the version that you want to use, include the --skaffold-version flag on the gcloud deploy releases create command:

gcloud deploy releases create RELEASE_NAME \
       --delivery-pipeline=PIPELINE_NAME \
       --skaffold-version=SKAFFOLD_VERSION \

Where 'SKAFFOLD_VERSION' is the (supported) version of Skaffold to use for this release. The version should be in the form of n.nn for a numbered version, or skaffold_preview to use the preview version.

For example, the following command selects Skaffold version 2.8:

gcloud deploy releases create release-001 \
                              --delivery-pipeline=my-pipeline \
                              --skaffold-version=2.8 \

And this command selects the Skaffold preview version:

gcloud deploy releases create release-001 \
                       --delivery-pipeline=my-pipeline \
                       --skaffold-version=skaffold_preview \

How Cloud Deploy selects new versions

A new version of Skaffold is selected every 90 days. At the end of that 90-day cycle, Google Cloud adds support for a new Skaffold version. You can now use that version with Cloud Deploy. It becomes the default version used to create and manage all releases for the next 90-day cycle.

Cloud Deploy release notes are updated to announce each newly supported release.

Skaffold version deprecation and maintenance policy

Skaffold versions are supported for 12 months, with a 60-day maintenance period. This maintenance period means that releases tied to a version are still supported for 60 days after support for that version has expired. You can still create rollouts from those releases, but you can't create releases using a Skaffold version that's in the maintenance period.

After the 60-day maintenance period, the Skaffold version is no longer supported. You can no longer create rollouts from a release that uses the unsupported version. However, all data associated with the release remains.

Skaffold version As-of date Maintenance start Expiration
2.11.x (release notes) May 6, 2024 May 6, 2025 July 5, 2025
2.10.x (release notes) February 2, 2024 February 2, 2025 April 3, 2025
2.8.x (release notes) October 26, 2023 October 26, 2024 December 25, 2024
2.6.x (release notes) July 6, 2023 July 6, 2024 September 4, 2024
2.3.x (release notes) April 24, 2023 May 1, 2024 July 1, 2024

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