Cloud Billing Reports

Get at-a-glance and user-configurable views of your cost history, current cost trends, and forecasted costs with intuitive reports available in the Google Cloud console. Several different reports are available for your billing data analysis needs.

Hands-on learning: Billing reports tour

Example of the billing report chart.

Learn how to answer cost management questions using intuitive reports available in the Google Cloud console. In this 30-minute tutorial, you'll familiarize yourself with some of the built-in reports and learn how to customize them to answer questions such as:

  • How much am I spending?
  • What are my cost trends?
  • What are my cost drivers?
  • What is the breakdown of my spend by product?

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Analyze your usage costs: Billing report

Example of the billing report chart.

Use the billing report to view and analyze your Google Cloud usage costs using many selectable settings and filters.

Configuring various views of the Cloud Billing report can help you answer questions like these:

  • How is my current month's Google Cloud spending trending?
  • What Google Cloud project cost the most last month?
  • What Google Cloud service (for example, Compute Engine or Cloud Storage) cost me the most?
  • What are my forecasted future costs based on historical trends?
  • How much am I spending by region?
  • What was the cost of resources with label X?

Your customized report views are saveable and shareable.

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Analyze your invoices: Cost table report

Example of cost table report.

Use the cost table report to access and analyze the details of your invoices and statements.

Because your generated invoice and statement PDFs only contain simplified, summarized views of your costs, the cost table report is available to provide invoice or statement cost details, such as the following:

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View savings at a glance: Cost breakdown report

Example of a cost breakdown report.

Use the cost breakdown report for an at-a-glance waterfall overview of your monthly costs and savings.

This report shows the following summarized view of monthly charges and credits:

  • The combined costs of your monthly Google Cloud usage at the on-demand rate, calculated using non-discounted list prices.
  • Savings realized on your invoice due to custom contract pricing (if applicable to your Cloud Billing account).
  • Savings earned on your invoice with usage-based credits, broken down by credit type (for example, committed use discounts, sustained use discounts, free tier usage).
  • Your invoice-level charges such as tax and adjustments (if any) applied for that invoice month.

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View your prices per SKU: Pricing report

Example of the pricing table for a billing account with a
    custom pricing contract.

Use the pricing table report to access SKU prices for Google's cloud services, including Google Cloud, Google Maps Platform, and Google Workspace, as of the date the report is viewed.

This report shows the following pricing information:

  • Displays SKU prices specific to the selected Cloud Billing account.
  • If your Cloud Billing account has custom contract pricing, each SKU displays the list price, your contract price, and your effective discount.
  • If a SKU is subject to tiered pricing, each pricing tier for a SKU is listed as a separate row.
  • All the prices are shown in the currency of the selected billing account.
  • The report view is customizable and downloadable to CSV for offline analysis.

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Analyze your committed use discounts: CUD analysis reports

Example of the pricing table report.

Use the CUD analysis reports to visualize and understand the effectiveness and financial impact of the Committed use discounts (CUDs) you have purchased.

The CUD analysis reports help answer questions such as the following:

  • How much are my committed use discounts saving me on my bill?
  • Am I fully utilizing my existing commitments?
  • How much of my eligible usage is covered by commitments?
  • Is there an opportunity to save more by increasing my commitments?
  • Can I improve my commitment utilization by enabling discount sharing?

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Analyze your exported billing data: Build your own reports

Example of a Looker Studio

You can create your own custom billing reports based on your exported billing data.

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