Closing your Cloud Customer Care account

This page explains how to cancel your Cloud Customer Care account based on your support service.

For steps to close your Cloud Billing account or delete related resources, see Delete Google Cloud resources.

Cancel Customer Care

How you cancel Customer Care depends on your organization or type of Cloud Billing account.

If your Cloud Billing account is billed as an invoiced account, then to cancel your Cloud Customer Care account you need to file a support case requesting the cancellation. If you have a contact in the Google Cloud team, please also inform them about the cancellation.

If you don't use an invoiced Cloud Billing account, then you close your Cloud Customer Care account based on the service you purchased:


To cancel Premium Support, contact sales.

Standard or Enhanced

You can cancel Standard or Enhanced Support directly from the Google Cloud console at any time. Cancelling your Standard or Enhanced Support automatically downgrades your account to Basic Support at the end of the month. To downgrade to Basic, see Downgrading your support offering.

Users with Basic support cannot create technical support cases. As always, any role can continue to use free Cloud Billing support and self-help resources.

Delete Google Cloud resources

This section describes deleting or closing Google Cloud resources such as projects and Cloud Billing accounts.

To close your Cloud Billing account, see Cancel a Cloud Billing account.

Delete a project

By deleting a project, you can stop all billing and shut down any Google Cloud projects within the project.

As a project owner, you can follow the steps in Creating and managing projects to delete your projects. All project data associated with Google Cloud and Google APIs services becomes inaccessible.

If you want to be removed from a project, contact your project administrator and ask them to revoke your permissions for the project.

Close a Cloud Billing account

Closing an active Cloud Billing account stops all billable services. To close a Cloud Billing account, follow the steps in Close a Cloud Billing account. After you close your Cloud Billing account, you will be billed for the usage you accrued prior to cancelling your service. This bill will be the last bill you receive, unless you reopen the Cloud Billing account.

Cancel a Google Cloud account

If you signed up for Google Cloud using your Google user account (Google Account), then your Cloud Billing account is the same as your Google Account. In this case, cancelling a Cloud Billing account affects all data associated with that Google Account and any services you use with that account, such as Gmail, Google Play, or YouTube.

If you do not want to affect other Google services you use, instead consider deleting your projects and closing your Cloud Billing account.

For detailed information about canceling your Google Account, see Delete your Google Account.