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Personalized Service Health

Gain visibility into disruptive events impacting Google Cloud products and services relevant to your projects. All events are available in the Google Cloud console and a variety of integration points, including custom alerts, API, and logs. 


View and manage the impact of disruptive events

Personalized Service Health filters disruptive events that are relevant to your projects and includes information to help you assess impact, maintain business continuity, and track updates. 

Integrates with your existing workflows

You can fit Personalized Service Health into any alert, incident response, or monitoring workflow between the Service Health dashboardconfigurable alertsexportable logs with Cloud Logging.

Visibility across a project or your organization

The Service Health API gives you programmatic access to disruptive events for a single project or across your organization.

Key features

Key features

Configurable alerts

Configure alerts to fire when a disruptive event is posted, receives an update, or resolves. The content and conditions are highly customizable. Alerts can be sent to any Cloud Monitoring channel including email, SMS, PagerDuty, Slack, Pub/Sub, or a Webhook.  

Programmatic API

The Service Health API allows you to integrate Personalized Service Health with external systems or custom dashboards by providing programmatic access to active disruptive events. 

Cloud Console dashboard

Use the Service Health dashboard to track emerging and active disruptive events relevant to a project, including the impacted Google Cloud products and locales. 

Mobile companion app

Receive alerts on your Android or iOS device for cloud incidents affecting Google Cloud products and services. Stay informed with real-time updates and ensure seamless management of your products anytime, anywhere. Download the Cloud mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


"The instinct for cloud providers is to be overly cautious about sharing outages too quickly. I’d rather proactively move a workload and learn there was no issue than the workload go down unknowingly. We’re happy to see Google Cloud make this step to be more transparent with customers and look forward to leveraging Personalized Service Health."

Justin Watts, Director, Information Services & Technology Strategy

Use cases

Integrate with Personalized Service Health

Use case
Receive alerts on Google Cloud disruptions

Proactive alerts allow you to configure when notifications are sent, the alert content, and the notification channel. Supports Email, SMS Slack, PagerDuty, Pub/Sub, Webhook.



Personalized Service Health is available free of charge to Google Cloud customers. 

This service writes logs to Cloud Logging, which may incur a cost for ingestion or storage. See pricing information