Display SLOs on a custom dashboard

To view the health, compliance, or error budget of a service-level objective (SLO) for a service, add an SLO chart to a custom dashboard. An SLO chart provides a summary of the performance of a service relative to a configured SLO. By using SLO charts, you can create a custom dashboard that shows the status of all SLOs for a set of services.

Before you can use an SLO chart, you must have services configured. For information about services and SLOs, see SLO monitoring.

The following screenshot illustrates an SLO chart that displays the error budget for an SLO:

Example of an SLO chart that shows the remaining error budget for an SLO.

The remaining information in this section is for the Google Cloud console. For information about using the Cloud Monitoring API, see the following documents:

Before you begin

Display SLOs on a dashboard

To add an SLO chart to a dashboard, do the following:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the  Dashboards page:

    Go to Dashboards

    If you use the search bar to find this page, then select the result whose subheading is Monitoring.

  2. Select a dashboard or click Create dashboard.
  3. In the toolbar, click  Add widget.
  4. In the Add widget dialog, select  SLO.
  5. In the Choose an SLO to show data pane, click Service, and then select a service.
  6. Select an existing SLO for the service from the Service-level Objectives menu.

    If the chosen service has no SLOs, then a message tells you that you must create one. To add an SLO, click Create SLO. For more information about creating SLOs, see Creating an SLO. After you create an SLO, select it and proceed to the next step.

  7. Select an SLO metric from the Service Level Objective Chart Type menu. You can select health, compliance, and absolute or fractional error budget. For more information about SLO metrics, see Retrieving SLO data.

  8. Optional: Update the chart title.

  9. To apply your changes to the dashboard, in the toolbar, click Apply. To discard your changes, click Cancel.

What's next

You can also add the following widgets to your custom dashboards:

For information about exploring charted data and filtering your dashboards, see the following documents: