Monitor third-party applications

The following guides explain how to configure the Ops Agent to collect metrics from supported third-party applications. To see the full list of integrations that the Ops Agent supports, including the integrations that collect logs from third-party applications, go to Monitoring third-party applications.

For a walkthrough on how to use Ansible to install the Ops Agent, configure a third-party application, and install a sample dashboard, see the Install the Ops Agent to troubleshoot third-party applications video.

The Cloud Monitoring Metrics Management page provides information that can help you control the amount you spend on chargeable metrics without affecting observability. The Metrics Management page reports the following information:

  • Ingestion volumes for both byte- and sample-based billing, across metric domains and for individual metrics.
  • Data about labels and cardinality of metrics.
  • Use of metrics in alerting policies and custom dashboards.
  • Rate of metric-write errors.
For more information about the Metrics Management page, see View and manage metric usage.