My workload does not start

When attempting to start a migration, you may encounter an error that prevents your workload from starting correctly.

If you experience an error that prevents your workload from starting correctly, try the troubleshooting steps described in this document before contacting support.

Add permissions required to pull images from Google Container Registry

For your workload to start, the cluster needs to pull the workload image from Google Container Registry (GCR), which might sometimes fail due to missing permissions.

To identify this issue, perform these steps:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the Object browser page.

    Go to Object browser

  2. Select your cluster.

  3. From the Object Kinds list, select Pod.

  4. From the list of pods that is displayed, locate the pod corresponding to your workload, and then to open pod details, click the pod name.

  5. On the Pod details page, if a banner appears that displays the failed to pull and unpack image and 403 forbidden errors, then the permissions required to pull the workload image are missing.

To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Add a role called Storage Object Viewer to the Default Compute Engine service account in your project.

  2. Then, delete the pod from your cluster.

    A new pod is automatically created which replaces the deleted pod.

Your migrated workload should now be accessible.

Disable GKE Autopilot clusters

As of Migrate to Containers, use of GKE Autopilot clusters is enabled by default. As a result, any new migrations created for Migrate to Containers will use GKE Autopilot clusters unless specified otherwise.

Try disabling GKE Autopilot clusters and attempt to start your migration workload again.

To disable GKE Autopilot clusters, perform these steps to set v2kServiceManager to false:

  1. Edit your migration plan.

    1. In the MIGRATION_NAME.yaml file, locate v2kServiceManager and set it to false.


        v2kServiceManager: true


        v2kServiceManager: false
    2. Save your file.

  2. Reinitiate your migration using Migrate to Containers.

If your workload still does not start correctly after disabling GKE Autopilot clusters, then contact your support channel.