Migration warnings

After the discovery phase, Migrate to Containers may provide warnings specific to your migration type. There are two types of warnings to be aware of:

  • MigrationBlocker warnings - These are blocking issues to your migration and should be addressed. You cannot proceed to the generate artifacts stage of a migration while there are active MigrationBlocker warnings.
  • Normal warnings - These are issues which you may wish to address. While Normal warnings will not block the generation of artifacts, they may cause the migration process to fail, or cause the migrated workload to fail when run.

To view any warnings after the discovery phase, they can be generated by running either migtcl migration status or migctl migration get. If MigrationBlocker warnings are not dismissed, they will also be repeated when you run migctl migration generate-artifacts.

The warning message format is:

  • TYPE - The type of warning, either MigrationBlocker or Normal.
  • REASON - The cause of the warning.
  • DESCRIPTION - The description and mitigation of warning.

For example, the below message describes a FileTooBig warning for Linux,

MigrationBlocker      FileTooBig      The source VM file system contains file(s) which are too big to be
part of the generated container image. Please edit the migration plan to either filter
them out, or export them to a data volume.

Once you have addressed the issues raised by a MigrationBlocker warning, you can dismiss it by running migctl migration generate-artifacts with the dismiss-warnings flag. Once you have set this flag for your migration, the value will remain true for subsequent generation of artifacts. See the following example for the format of this command.

migctl migrate generate-artifacts migration-name --dismiss-warnings 

To verify the process has started, run migctl migration list and you should see that your migration is set to RUNNING.