Migration journey for GKE, GKE Enterprise, and Cloud Run

To migrate your VMs from your source environment to containers running in Google Cloud, we recommend that you follow the framework described in the Migration to Google Cloud series.

The following diagram illustrates the path of your migration journey:

Migration path with four phases.

The framework illustrated in the preceding diagram has four phases:

  1. Assess. In this phase, you assess your source environment, assess the workloads that you want to migrate to Google Cloud, and assess which VMs support each workload.
  2. Plan. In this phase, you create the basic infrastructure for Migrate to Containers, such as provisioning the resource hierarchy and setting up network access.
  3. Deploy. In this phase, you migrate the VMs from the source environment to GKE or GKE Enterprise with Migrate to Containers.
  4. Optimize. In this phase, you begin to take advantage of the cloud technologies and capabilities.

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