Offline assessment overview

The Migration Center discovery client CLI or mcdc CLI lets you run an offline assessment with the information that you collected in the discovery phase. The offline assessment creates reports that provide you with a high-level fit assessment result for migration and potential blockers for different migration journeys. The offline assessment also describes any issues that must be resolved before the migration.

It provides an overall fit assessment using one of the following scores:

  • Excellent fit
  • Good fit, with some findings that might require attention
  • Needs minimal work before migrating
  • Needs moderate work before migrating
  • Needs major work before migrating
  • No fit
  • Insufficient data

The offline assessment also gives you:

  • The ability to get the assessment information about physical servers and virtual machine (VM) instances in your infrastructure.
  • A detailed report on the applicable assessment rules, including any technical blockers to modernization.

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