Issues with Windows IIS services migration

This document describes workarounds for some issues that you might encounter while migrating Windows IIS services.

Windows IIS deployment marked not ready

The deployment of Windows IIS workloads might be marked as not ready due to short timeouts. If you're deploying your workloads using Skaffold, then the deployment might show as failed.

As a workaround for this issue, increase the readiness probe timeout and period using PowerShell:

foreach ($file in (Get-ChildItem . -Recurse -Include "deployment_spec.yaml")) { (Get-Content $file).replace("periodSeconds: 10", "periodSe
conds: 30").replace("timeoutSeconds: 1", "timeoutSeconds: 10") | Set-Content $file }

Skaffold build for Windows images fails

Skaffold build for Windows images might fail on a Windows machine because Skaffold tries to pull the base image for the wrong target.

If this issue occurs, you might see an error message similar to the following message:

Checking cache...
 - migrated-image-6jc3z: Error checking cache.
getting hash for artifact "migrated-image-6jc3z": getting dependencies for "migrated-image-6jc3z": parsing ONBUILD instructions: retrieving image "": no child with platform linux/amd64 in index

As a workaround for this issue, pull the image manually using the docker pull command, and run the Skaffold build again.