Manage your accepted offers

After you've accepted a private offer and the vendor has approved it, it becomes an order, which represents your offer's active subscription. The orders appear in a table on the Your Orders page of Cloud Marketplace, where you can view offer details and manage orders.

Manage an order

To manage an order:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to Cloud Marketplace.

    Go to Cloud Marketplace

  2. Click Your Orders.

  3. In the Select a billing account list, select the Cloud Billing account associated with the order.

  4. In the table, find the row for your order and click Actions available to manage your orders.

  5. In the list box that appears, select the action you want to perform.

List of actions you can perform

Some actions are only visible if they apply to your order.

Action Description
Cancel auto-renew If you enabled auto-renew for the offer, cancel it at any time during the contract.
Revoke plan change request Cancel a change to your order's billing plan. You can only cancel a change if it's still pending.
Cancel purchase Cancel the order purchase. You can only cancel before the vendor accepts the purchase, unless the vendor supports cancellations after acceptance.
Cancel order Cancel an active order. To cancel an active order, you must contact the vendor and ask them to request cancellation of your order. After you receive notification that you can cancel your order, this action becomes visible.
Download PDF Save your offer to a PDF and optionally include the EULA or notes from the vendor. The PDF includes the order ID and associated billing account information.
Enable auto-renew If the vendor configured auto-renew for the offer, enable it at any time during the contract.
Sign up with provider If required, activate your subscription directly with the vendor.
View billing report View a report of the billed charges related to your order.
View credit View information regarding any credits that you have received for your order's Cloud Billing account, including commitment or free trial credits.
View product details Visit the product's list page on Cloud Marketplace.

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