Migration to transacting in the agency model

Beginning in October 2023, Google Cloud Marketplace supports a new transaction model, the agency model. The agency model is designed to support increased flexibility and control for partners as Google continues to develop Cloud Marketplace.

Under the agency model, Google acts as an agent for the vendor who's offering the product through Cloud Marketplace. Google facilitates and processes the transaction, but the vendor of the product is the Merchant of Record for the transaction. For a comparison of the available transaction models, see Transaction models.

If a customer makes a transaction through Cloud Marketplace that meets the requirements of the agency model (described below on this page), Cloud Marketplace uses the agency model for that transaction. Otherwise, Cloud Marketplace uses the Merchant of Record model for that transaction.

Cloud Marketplace notifies you during the transaction process whether it's using the agency model or the Merchant of Record model for that transaction.

Requirements to transact through the agency model

For a transaction to occur through the agency model, the following requirements must be met:

  • Both you and the vendor who's offering the product must be located in a region that Cloud Marketplace supports for the agency model. For a list of supported regions, visit Agency jurisdictions.

  • Both you and the customer must have verified your identity to Google, if you were requested to by Google. For more information, visit Verify your identity.

Additional information

For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), see the external Introduction to Agency model PDF.