Turn on Product Requests

If you want to allow end-users in your organization to request new Cloud Marketplace products for their projects and use cases, you can turn on Product Requests. This allows users to create the following requests:

  • Procurement requests: Users can request that you procure products for use within your organization.

  • Access requests: If you've turned on Google Private Marketplace, users can request that you add products to your organization's private marketplace.

Users search for a product in Google Cloud Marketplace, and then click the Request product button to send a message to the accounts with the relevant roles for their organization. The requester can include information about the request in these messages, such as a business rationale or a required plan or license. The administrators then review the request and either approve or deny the request, based on their own internal review and procurement processes.

Required permissions for Product Requests

Review the following table to ensure that you assign the correct Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions for each user. To use Product Requests, you must have correctly assigned all permissions.

Action Permissions or Roles Level at which role/permission is assigned
Turn on Product Requests Organization Administrator (roles/resourcemanager.organizationAdmin) AND Commerce Organization Governance Admin (roles/commerceorggovernance.admin)) roles Organization level
Receive procurement notifications Billing Account Administrator (roles/billing.admin) role Organization level
Manage procurement requests Organization Viewer (roles/resourcemanager.organizationViewer) AND Viewer (roles/viewer) roles AND consumerprocurement.orders.place permission Organization level
Receive access request notifications Commerce Organization Governance Admin (roles/commerceorggovernance.admin) role Organization level
Manage access requests Viewer (roles/viewer) AND Organization Viewer (roles/resourcemanager.organizationViewer) AND Commerce Organization Governance Admin (roles/commerceorggovernance.admin) roles Organization level

Turn on Product Requests

By default, Product Requests is turned off for your organization.

To turn on Product Requests, complete the following steps:

  1. In Cloud Marketplace, click Marketplace governance.

    Go to Marketplace

  2. In Governance settings, click the toggle to turn on Product Requests.

  3. Optionally, you can edit the Product request details to provide guidelines about the information you need to review requests and procure products.

    Cloud Marketplace converts URLs to hyperlinks, but doesn't support other formatting.

  4. Click Save details.

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