Create a default collection for your organization

If you're using Google Private Marketplace to manage your organization's procurement of products from Google Cloud Marketplace, you can create a default collection, called the organization-collection, to simplify the administration of approved products for your organization. When you create this collection, Cloud Marketplace automatically populates it with relevant products. You can check the list of products and modify it before you share it with your organization.

Products included in organization-collection

When Cloud Marketplace automatically populates your organization's default collection, organization-collection, with products, it includes the following products:

  • Cloud Marketplace products for which your organization has incurred charges and been billed within the past 24 months.

  • Cloud Marketplace products included in any existing collections that were already shared with your organization at the organization level before you created your organization's default collection.

The following products aren't automatically included:

  • Custom Cloud Marketplace products that aren't listed publicly.

  • Cloud Marketplace products for which all of your organization's current active usage is from purchases made through resellers, rather than directly from the independent software vendors (ISVs) who are offering those products through Cloud Marketplace.

  • Free Cloud Marketplace products that, when you run them, you don't incur any infrastructure costs on your Google Cloud bill.

Create your organization's organization-collection

If you haven't already created the default collection for your organization, called organization-collection, complete the following steps to create it:

  1. In Cloud Marketplace, click Marketplace Governance.

    Go to Marketplace

  2. Click the Private Marketplace tab.

  3. Click Get started.

  4. In the dialog that appears, in the text field, enter your email address.

  5. Click Confirm. When you click Confirm, Cloud Marketplace creates a collection named organization-collection and automatically populates it with products, as detailed previously on this page.

Review your organization's organization-collection

After Cloud Marketplace has created your organization's default collection, called organization-collection, and automatically populated it with products, Google sends you an email to notify you that it's ready for review. To review the collection before you share it with your organization, complete the following steps:

  1. In Cloud Marketplace, click Marketplace Governance.

    Go to Marketplace

  2. Click the Private Marketplace tab.

  3. In the list of collections, find organization-collection. Click its corresponding icon, and select Update.

  4. Review the list of products that were added to the collection named organization-collection. If there are any products that you don't want to share with your organization, remove them from the collection.

  5. If there are products that you want to share with your organization which aren't already on the list, add them individually.

Publish your organization's organization-collection

After you've completed your review of the products in organization-collection, you can publish it to share its products with your organization. Under Publish your collection, click the toggle to publish the products in the collection to your organization's private marketplace for all of the members of your organization.

Next steps

To update your organization's organization-collection, see Maintain your organization's default collection.