Private Offers

If you have an existing relationship with a Google Cloud Marketplace vendor, they can send you a private offer so that you pay a custom or discounted price for their software.

Private offers are typically for a set duration, such as 12 months, during which you pay a custom price. If you're already paying for the product, any adjusted pricing begins as soon as the contract starts. When the contract ends, you can continue using the software by paying the list price (for some pricing models), or you can work with the vendor before the current contract ends to renew the offer or receive a new offer.

When a Cloud Marketplace vendor sets up a private offer, they specify several details, including the following:

  • Customer details: Your organization's information, including a Cloud Billing account from your Google Cloud organization. To view and purchase the offer, you must have access to the Cloud Billing account listed in the offer.

  • Offer pricing: The customized pricing that you receive, based on the product's pricing plan.

  • Payment schedule: The frequency and timing for how you pay for the offer. You're charged either upfront (for prepay payment schedules) or monthly (for postpay payment schedules).

  • Contract duration: How long the offer is in effect.

  • End user license agreement (EULA): The terms governing your usage of the product.

You can only purchase a private offer once. To update an offer, the vendor must send you a new offer to replace the active one. For details about purchasing private offers, see Accept a private offer from a vendor.

Request a custom quote

If you want to request a custom quote for a product, you can contact the vendor's sales team, if they've enabled this capability.