Create a collection

Before you turn on Google Private Marketplace, you must create and publish a default collection, called organization-collection, that includes at least one product. This page describes how to create additional collections.

If you want to create additional collections, choose which products you want to include in those collections and understand how you want to share them. You can share a collection with your entire organization, or with specific folders or projects. Any user with access to the organization, folder, or project that you share a collection with can view that collection and access the products that it contains.

Create a collection

To create additional collections, complete the following steps:

  1. In Cloud Marketplace, click Marketplace Governance.

    Go to Marketplace

  2. On the Private Marketplace page, click Create collection.

  3. Enter your collection information. The Name can't be shared with other collections in your organization.

    The Name and Details are visible to collection administrators.

  4. In Add products, click + Add, and paste the URL of the product's product details page. After you add the URL, Cloud Marketplace retrieves the product's information.

  5. Click Add to add the product to the collection.

  6. Continue adding products until your collection is complete.

  7. You can share the collection, or click Create and share the collection later. Your users can't access a collection until it is shared with them and you've turned on Google Private Marketplace.