Google Cloud services with audit logs

This page provides information about the Google Cloud services that write audit logs. It also provides links to other related audit logging documentation.

For an overview of what audit logs are and what each type of audit log means, see Cloud Audit Logs overview.

Google Cloud services producing audit logs

Google Cloud services with audit logs Service Name
Access Approval
Access Context Manager
Advisory Notifications
AI Platform Vizier
AI Platform Prediction
AI Platform Training
AlloyDB for PostgreSQL
GKE attached clusters
Anti Money Laundering AI
Anthos Service Mesh
API Gateway
Apigee API hub
Apigee Hybrid
App Hub
Application Integration
API keys
App Engine
App Engine Memcache
Artifact Registry
Assured Workloads
Backup and DR Service
Backup for GKE
Bare Metal Solution
BeyondCorp Enterprise
Analytics Hub
BigQuery Data Policy
BigQuery Data Transfer Service
BigLake API
Binary Authorization
Blockchain Node Engine
Certificate Authority Service
Certificate Manager/Public Certificate Authority
Google Security Operations
Cloud Asset Inventory
Cloud Commerce Consumer Procurement
Bigtable for administrator operations and for data operations
Cloud Billing
Cloud Build
Cloud CDN
Cloud Composer
Cloud Customer Care
Confidential VM
Cloud Data Fusion
Sensitive Data Protection
Cloud Deploy
Cloud Deployment Manager
Cloud DNS
Cloud Domains
Cloud Functions
Cloud Healthcare API
Cloud IDS
Cloud Key Management Service
Cloud Life Sciences
Cloud Load Balancing
Cloud Logging
Cloud Monitoring
Cloud NAT
Cloud Profiler
Cloud Run
Cloud Scheduler
Cloud Source Repositories
Cloud SQL
Cloud Storage/Storage Insights
Cloud TPU
Cloud Trace
Cloud Translation
Cloud Vision
Cloud Workstations
Compute Engine
Connectivity Tests
Contact Center AI Insights
Contact Center AI Platform
Artifact Analysis
Artifact Analysis
Data Catalog
Database Migration Service
Dataproc Metastore
Document AI
Document AI Warehouse
Enterprise Knowledge Graph
Error Reporting
Essential Contacts
Firebase App Check
Firebase Management
Firebase Notifications Console
Firebase Security Rules
Firebase Realtime Database
Google Cloud Armor
Google Cloud Migration Center
Google Distributed Cloud Edge
Google Kubernetes Engine
Google Workspace Add-ons API
Earth Engine API
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Identity Platform
Identity-Aware Proxy
Infrastructure Manager
Integration Connectors
IoT Core
Immersive Stream for XR
Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory
Memorystore for Memcached
Memorystore for Redis
Migrate to Virtual Machines
Network Connectivity Center
Organization Policy
Policy Simulator
Pub/Sub Lite
reCAPTCHA Enterprise
Resource Manager
Resource Settings
Secret Manager
Security Command Center
Security Center Management API
Serverless VPC Access
Service Directory
Personalized Service Health
Service Management
Service Consumer Management
Service Metadata API
Service Usage
Speaker ID
Timeseries Insights API
Transcoder API
Translation Hub API
Transparency and Control Center
Traffic Director
Vertex AI
Vertex AI Agent Builder/Discovery Engine
Vertex AI Vision
Vertex AI Workbench managed notebooks
Vertex AI Workbench user-managed notebooks
Video Stitcher API
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Google Cloud VMware Engine
Enterprise Purchasing API
Workload Manager
Storage Transfer Service
Transfer Appliance
Looker (Google Cloud core)
Google Cloud NetApp Volumes
Cloud Next Generation Firewall Enterprise
Cloud Quotas

Other audit logging documentation

Links to documentation
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