Cloud Service Mesh audit logging

This document describes audit logging for Cloud Service Mesh. Google Cloud services write audit logs that record administrative activities and accesses within your Google Cloud resources. For an overview of audit logs with information about the different types of audit logs, see Cloud Audit Logs overview.

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Service name

Cloud Service Mesh audit logs use the service name

Methods by permission type

Methods that check DATA_READ, DATA_WRITE, and ADMIN_READ permission types are Data Access audit logs. Methods that check ADMIN_WRITE permission types are Admin Activity audit logs.

Permission type Methods

Audit logs per API interface

For information about which permissions are evaluated and how for each method, see the Identity and Access Management documentation for Cloud Service Mesh.

Details about audit logs associated with methods belonging to

  • Method:
  • Audit log Type: Admin Activity
  • Permissions:
  • Method is a Long Running Operation or Streaming: No.
  • Filter for this method: protoPayload.methodName=""